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Whether wealthy or financially poor, no person is successful if they do not find happiness in what they do. Merely aiming to achieve a high social rank or to earn a lot of money will do little for your inner spirit if you do not enjoy the process at work. I can’t tell you how many people I have met over the years who feel miserable inside because they concentrated exclusively on end goals, such as moving up the corporate ladder or amassing a large income. When the promotions finally came through and the dollars began rolling in, surprise – these individuals remained unhappy and unsatisfied. Why? Because their chosen career paths were not in harmony with their inner selves.

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Headwaters Fountain

The Headwaters Fountain in Pueblo, Colorado to me symbolizes freedom of choice. It is dedicated to Tommy Thomson who played a pivotal role in water development in the Arkansas Valley. Thomson was the general manager of the Southeastern Colorado Water Conservatory District from 1966 through 1994. He dedicated his life to providing water to growing communities, business, industry, and agriculture. His passion and commitment to what he loved doing made him a very happy and successful person. Photograph by the author.

It can be a challenge to discover what you love to do. It can be even harder to determine what you are good at, or even what you are not so good at. Once you find your special niche, however, your life will almost certainly shine more brightly. Thus, the key to inner fulfilment is to find a marketable skill, one which you have talent for and which stimulates a powerful or compelling emotion or feeling within you. This combination is an unbeatable success generator and a common footing of nearly all successful people.

Enthusiasm, concentrated energy, and aspiration can only be sustained when you do what you love. Drudgery is an inevitable result of working with only an end goal in mind. And, if you haven’t found your forte yet, there is still time to do so. Think about what really turns you on, what new skills you may need to profit from your interests, and how you will best acquire them. This building process may prove to be a difficult one, but putting forth an effort to discover and capitalize on the strength you are most passionate about is the best way to enlighten your future.